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Rick Simpson Oil or RSO is a whole plant extract that, unlike other common extracts, contains most of the components found in the cannabis plant, including flavonoids, phenols, fatty acids, and a variety of terpenes and cannabinoids in their natural acid form. The principle benefits of using RSO have been publicized in relation to cancer treatments, but RSO has also been used to treat other health issues including asthma, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and a variety of other conditions.

VidaCann RSO is available in a glass syringe with stainless steel plunger for accurate and easy dosing, which also offers the advantage of a long shelf life as oxidation does not easily occur. RSO can be consumed as a topical rubbed onto the surface of the skin or as a sublingual with drops under the tongue (or simply consumed orally). More information on dosage can be found here:

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